I am Wacinque Amistad Kaizen BeMende

Veteran,Nurse,African American Military History Expert,Business Owner,US Marine 1975,AmeriCorps Vista 2019-20,Cum Laude UIU 1996,Maplewood High,Track & Field,Vikings,Personal Finance Management,Carnegie Library,DOD 40 years,Bahai,Explorer Scout,WYANG

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Name: Wacinque Amistad Kaizen BeMende

Profile: Founder and Chief Poverty Consultant at KaizenRhino Solutions

Email: wacinque@krsi-19.com

Phone: 575-650-8728

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A bit about me: I love history and have an extensive collection of books about and have made numerous visits to sites focused on African American military service members since 1619, including women and children used for forced labor during the Civil War. Denzel Washington is my favorite actor, and Fallen/Matrix is my favorite movies. I’ve tried to be Morpehus at many a Halloween event but can never get all the pieces of the look together.

My best advice - Start early and maintain consistent, positive habits. Feed your body healthy selections. Feed your finances consistently. Feed your mind with scientific rigor and positive affirmations. Feed your Spirit. Hope.

About me

My mission is to reduce to ZERO individuals who are unbanked and underbanked. They’re the invisible ones, the voiceless, whose kids are trapped in the vicious generational poverty cycle. They face layers of restricting policy and too many wrong ‘non-soultions.’ Sometimes, they get lucky and get slightly ahead financially, but wrong products, inadequate support, and crazy policies limit the ability to improve their lives.

It’s time to do things differently. My passion is to exact lasting, impactful change by establishing an Asset Ownership Standard then peeling off those suffocating layers to help people gain financial empowerment through owning income-producing account GPIA-DIV. Knowing we are not helping people worldwide gain direct benefit from financial compounding is like knowing the benefits of medicine and not using them - Pure Mental Torture and almost criminal. Helping others maximize the use of financial compounding, financial education, and direct money management experience impacts generations.

My 40 years of military service instilled the ability to solve problems creatively and helped me approach challenges as an innovative visionary, seeing opportunities outside of ‘the way things have always been’ I have heard talk about being “dead broke.” In school, Home Economics was one of my favorite subjects. I learned about and developed a savings habit which became as natural and consistent as my heartbeat. Later, when I became a nurse and learned that CPR revives the dead, I created SFR, Sustainable Financial Resuscitation to raise the “dead broke.” Note that SFR is part of my company symbol. The Asset Ownership Standard and Global Permanent Investment Account are both designs born of my connection to every person and a deep desire to help them achieve a strong financial foundation…..this drives my Why.









The Vision

Our vision is to increase to 100% individuals who own a self-directed GPIA-DIV free market passive supplemental income account.

The Challenge

Our challenge is to deliver comprehensive age appropriate financial: education, training, and coaching methods, combined with assisting individuals to open a savings account then a Transfer Agent account which holds the GPIA-DIV account, leading to enhanced financial decision making and increased financial empowerment for individuals - nonprofits- organizations -institutions and certain government agencies.

The Mission

Our mission is to reduce to ZERO individuals who are unbanked and underbanked starting by establishing an Asset Ownership Standard.


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